Who We Are

HaMoreh is translated, “the teacher,” and is based on the Hebrew of Job 36:22, “Behold, God is exalted in His power; Who is a teacher like Him?”

We are teachers, preachers, teachers-and-preachers-in-training, and folk of differing gifts that all enjoy sharing with others. Our sharing has been expressed in the joy of teaching, preaching, evangelizing, and discipling others along the way as well as engaging in various practical ministries of help. HaMoreh has been enjoying working in libraries, orphanages, children’s programs, various outreach programs, and in church planting alongside African brothers and sisters. We have also enjoyed resourcing ministries by providing essential tools for learning such as books, computing equipment, and other necessary tools for ministry. Please pray with us that HaMoreh’s ministry of teaching, mentoring, and providing has just begun.

According to the Pew Forum in association with the Global Religious Futures Project dated December 2011, Sub-Saharan Africa has around 500 million Christians making it home to almost a quarter (24%) of the global Christian population.

Within this larger region the country of Kenya has 34 million Christians giving it the 5th largest population of Christians in the Sub-Saharan region. Also, it should be noted that the percentage of the population that is Christian is the 4th highest in the region with 84.4% of the population reporting to be Christian.

There are currently around 3000 baptist churches in Kenya with another 100 churches being added to that number every year. In these churches, only 300 of them have trained, educated ministers teaching. This means that only 10% of the Baptist churches in Kenya have a trained clergy.

HaMoreh sees that God is working powerfully in East Africa, with scores coming to faith each year. Yet there is very limited training, coaching, mentoring, and resources to match the enormous need in the growing church.